Dear Sir,


On 6 April, the income tax rise for the lowest paid which Gordon Brown announced in his 2007 Budget came into force. Many hard-working people – like cleaners, waiters, and shop assistants – will have seen their tax rate double overnight, on top of an already rising cost of living.


The Treasury have confirmed that 5.3 million families will lose out in total – even when the changes to tax credits are taken into account. One in every five families will be worse off – by anything up to £464.


Here in the North West, hard-working people like a sales assistant will have to pay an extra £226 in tax on average – and a hairdresser an extra £198.


Labour have over-spent and over-borrowed, and as a result the public finances are in a mess. That is why Gordon Brown is putting up taxes, and kicking people when they are down.


Conservatives have specific proposals to help hard-working families. We will oppose Labour’s plans to double the 10p tax rate; give people power through local referendums to stop large council tax rises; and raise the threshold for inheritance tax, taking 98 per cent of family homes out of it altogether.


That’s the sort of help hard-working families in Rural Fylde deserve.


Yours faithfully,


Simon Renwick