A Personal statement by Councillor Simon Renwick,

“Sad to say but the ugly side of Party-politics has reared its head in Fylde.  The attempts by the opposition to ‘smear’ me have led to suggestions that I am so kind of porn baron with hard core images on my Facebook profile.  I’m not and there aren’t.  Facebook is an ‘open’ programme that allows people (anyone) to post articles, comments and, yes, images, on your own personal profile.  Somebody thought it would be amusing to post images of an inappropriate nature on my page.  As soon as I was made aware of this, I removed them.  However, I shall stick with Facebook as many people use that as their preferred way to contact me.  I shall, once again, stress that I will not be throwing mud back at my opponents.  I am happy to fight the elections on my record, it seems they are not too confident about their own.”