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Rural Fylde Conservatives welcome action over Chinese clampdown on Tibet protests.

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says, “I believe firmly in democracy and free speech and I welcome any action to highlight the human rights record of China, especially following their brutal put down of Tibetan protesters.”

Charles Tannock MEP has called for a major EU foreign policy shift regarding China. Today he urged the so-called ‘One China’ policy to be reviewed following the recent brutal suppression of Tibetan protesters.

Dr Tannock said: “The brutal suppression of Tibetan protesters is hardly a surprise given the People’s Republic of China’s long track record of ignoring human and democratic rights.

“We must get real. There is no point in ‘no change’ towards China. We remain totally and unquestioningly committed to the One China policy, ignoring not only the right of Tibet to seek autonomy but also the rights of democratic Taiwan to be allowed to join the UN, even though Taiwan is de facto an independent country and was never ruled by the People’s Republic.

“Surely the UK and the EU should re-examine the One China policy now. It would be a far more effective way of signalling our displeasure to the Chinese communist dictatorship.”