Rural Fylde Conservatives have today received an email from a ‘local Kirkham councillor’ telling Rural Fylde Conservatives to keep our nose out and that under no circumstances will she tell local residents what’s going on.  It’s has apparently been five months since concerns were raised with this councillor and now she’s getting all animated as an opposing party has get involved and has started asking the questions. 

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick said,

“I was utterly amazed that she could swat away residents concerns with such contempt and then question the Conservatives Party’s actions when she’s been sitting on this for over five months.  When local residents contact their local Conservative Party, it is only right that we get ourselves involved and I welcome any pressure that we can lever on to this situation for the benefit all.  Instead of telling the Conservatives to keep their nose out, she should embrace our efforts and share information.  She finished her e-mail by saying, if you want to know more you’ll have use the Freedom of Information Act, is there something to hide here?”