Rural Fylde Conservatives were on the telly this weekend.  Councillor Simon Renwick was on BBC’s the Politics Show.  The show centred around the lack of Government funding to local councils, which is turn forced local Councils to make hard decision in terms of services and facilities.  especially around the provision of swimming pools.  This year Kirkham Baths has been saved, due in a large part to the efforts of Councillor Renwick in working behind the scenes to deliver a rescue package.  However, St. Annes pool, which loses £500,000 a year could not be saved.

You can watch the program by clicking here. The swimming pool story is about 2/3’s the way in to the programme.

You can read more on St. Annes baths closure by clicking here and here.

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says,

“I was happy to go on TV and set out Fylde Conservatives stall.  It is true to say that the Government has put major financial constraints on Fylde, like they have to many small district councils.  This is in part punishment for voting Conservative and in part as a bully boy tactic to embrace local government reorganisation.  It is sad that the current pool in St. Annes will be closing and no one did it lightly.  However, the council is in talks about a new build facility in conjunction with a partner who will run the pool at their cost and not at the local tax payers cost”