Rural Fylde Conservatives have today taken part in Council Classes at Lytham St Annes High School.  The classes part of the schools citizenship syllabus was an early introduction to the pupils, aged 12, to politics, council structure and the world at large.  The session was based on a short speech, by Simon Renwick, and then about 40 minutes of tough questions and answers.  At the end there was a short election process where Charlie took 12 votes to win by promising to make Ben stop smoking and the end of homework.

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Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says,

“I was delighted to take part, there is a lot of eagerness to learn about the structure of the council.  I faced many questions, ranging from ‘why does the Queen not buy St. Annes a new pools?’ to ‘Do tramps pay council tax?’  I enjoyed the session and am eager to attend in the future, although I did find that not only were the questions from the pupils tougher than from Fylde opposition councillors, they were also far better behaved!”