Shadow Post Office Minister, Charles Hendry, MP, today visited the Fylde Coast to highlight the problem being caused to local communities by Labour’s shameless Post Office closure program.  In Fylde 10 have closed with 4 more due to close.  That will leave just 18 Post Offices for the whole on the Fylde.

Mr. Hendry met with sub-post master, Mark Bamforth and about 40 members of the public and was supported by 10 Conservative Councillors (no other party bothered to turn up).  After a warmly received speech to the assembled residents, Mr. Hendry was thanked for his support by all present.  Mr. Hendry urged all people to continue writing in to the Post Office Network Manager to protest about the closure of post offices.

Commenting, Rural Fylde Conservative Councillor, Simon Renwick said,

“I am delighted that Charles found time in his schedule to visit the Fylde.  This high profile visit shows how serious the Conservatives take this disgraceful closure.  We have an alternative and that alternative would see more post offices making a contribution to Britain’s life.”