The Government has today announced that it is to pump £55,000,000, yeah that’s £55 billion into troubled bank Northern Rock, rejecting a commercial and zero tax payer costed option to save the bank fro Richard Branson Virgin Group.  The Nationalisation, the first since the heyday of the loony Lefts rise in the 1970’s will take out of the public’s purse the equivalent of the defence budget.

 Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says,

“I can’t believe this, after months of delay, this weak incompetent Government nationalises a bank with public money.  I understand the concern of mortgage holders and savers with Northern Rock, but surely the Branson commercial deal would have been better.  At a time when Fylde needs, £144,000 to keep our baths open, at a time when a Coroner calls the Government for under investing in the Army and at a time when hospitals are sacking doctors, what is the Government doing?  Using our cash to prop up half a dozen Labour MP’s in its heartland?  Only the Conservatives can stop Labour, here in Fylde, at County Hall and in Westminster.”