A local independent councillor has recently had a pop at Rural Fylde Conservatives and their latest leaflet in Treales.  The councillor called the leaflet ‘pathetic’, this was on top of calling the leaflet in Kirkham ‘sad’.  Rural Fylde Conservatives are a little baffled by this.  If you click here for the Treales Leaflet and here for the Kirkham Leaflet.  Do you think they are sad and pathetic?

 Is it sad to celebrate £75,000 of play equipment, or pathetic to challenge Labour over their early release of Prisoners?  Why is it sad to support our troops or pathetic to support Treales School?

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says,

“I was gob smacked to here this?  I cannot believe this Councillor is again disrespecting her own area.  She must not understand the worries of local residents.  To write off Rural Schools, Rural Roads, Rural Services and Labours obsession with letting criminals out early as pathetic, obviously means she’s in favour of shutting schools, that she could not care less about rural roads, that she want rural services cut back and she wants the guilty to walk free before their debt to society is paid.”