Following a Town Council meeting of Kirkham tonight rumours are filtering through of one or two very cross councillors.  Of course they are Isolationist Independents.  They are cross because they appear to have been found out at last.  They seem to think that they can claim things that go well but criticize things that go badly at the Borough.  When one party is in charge of the council, everything that happens is at their direction.  Recently the Council has been awarded £200,000 of Lottery Funding to play equipment.  This was done by the Conservative Authority.  Officers were directed by Conservatives every step of the way on this project.  Conservatives signed the report off and agreed the projects, which does see £75,000 for Kirkham’s Barnfield Park.  All aspect of the project were agreed and directed by Conservatives.

If you click on the link you can see the draft decision and you the draft decision became the final decision.

The rumours are that a certain councillor, who will be nameless for the time being, is so cross that she may even go to the standards board over this as she was hoping no one would point out that the Conservatives serve the rural areas of Fylde as well as or if not better than Isolationist Independents. 

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick said,

“This is bizarre, when we should be happy and rejoicing that we won the bid, some seem to be putting their own politics before the borough.  This is great news for Kirkham and it is great news for the Borough.  I am happy at my involvement in this and look forward to all the people benefiting from the schemes when they are completed this year.”