New figures out this week have shown that  94 schools in Lancashire have 25% or over vacant places.  These school’s may be vulnerable to closure in the future.  Are any of Rural Fylde’s smaller rural and local schools effected?  Rural Fylde Conservatives have written urgently to Lancashire County Council’s Education bosses to check which are the 94 schools that maybe on the Government’s hit list for closure.

 Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick said,

“Small and local schools form the back bone of local communities.  It is unthinkable that say, Treales or Newton school should shut.  This is the Government of Education, Education, Education.  They seem to have forgotten that when it comes to rural schools.  1 in 13 have shut since Labour came to power.  Let’s hope that none will be in Rural Fylde.  I for one will fight continually to protect small and local schools, especially since the schools we have in Rural Fylde do such a great job in educating our children.”