It has been reported about a rift between the leader of Fylde Isolationist Independents and her key lieutenant.  It appears this tiff maybe cause for concern in the newly formed Party and could be the first test of strength of the new Isolationist Leader.  The row centres around the new development at the end of Freckleton Street in Kirkham, on the former Petrol Station.  Although Fylde Council refused planning, the developers appealed and won permission.  The Leader is quoted as saying “I am horrified it has been approved.”  Yet her to now loyal 2IC says, “It can only be a good thing for the area.” These two statements contradict each other and could lead to ‘words’.


 Commenting, Rural Fylde Conservative Councillor Simon Renwick says,

“I am please that this application has now been approved, for too long now that area of Kirkham has been an eyesore and in need of development of some kind and this mixed tenure seems ideal, jobs for some and homes for other.  I now feel some thought should be given to a filtering system one the traffic lights there, currently it is an accident waiting to happen.  Maybe instead of their public display of disunity, they should be looking at the real problems of Kirkham, the lack of affordable housing, the condition of open space, traffic flows and the like.  No one is interested in their argument.”