In the news over the last few days has been the case of Derek Conway.  He paid his son for work out of taxpayers money for work his son did not do.  This is wrong and malpractice and he was found guilty by an investigation.  He was punished by the Commons and now Conservative Party Leader, David Cameron, has sacked from the party by withdrawing the Whip.

Commenting, Rural Fylde Conservative Councillor, Simon Renwick said,

“David Cameron has acted with lightening speed.  After Mr. Conway was found guilty, David slept on it and reach the conclusion that Mr. Conway’s actions in his malpractice were of such an extent that Mr. Conway should no longer remain in the party.  Contrast this to the delay and dithering of Gordon Brown over Peter Hain and we can clearly see who has the better leadership qualities.

What Mr. Conway did was wrong, but it is not corruption, what Mr Hain did was even wronger and maybe was corruption.  Not all politicians are the same, some, with principals act when members of their party overstep the line.  Others just hope it’ll go away.”