An independent Councillor for Treales has today written into the Blackpool Gazette, thanking Rural Fylde Conservatives for their concern over the lack of gritting of rural roads but then goes on to say they are not priority.  It appears that this particular councillor cares so little about the residents of rural Fylde and in particularly Treales, Wharles and Roseacre that she dismisses the problem of icy roads and the concerns of her residents.  Instead she makes a very crass political point at their expense.

She also goes on to shamelessly plug her best mate, who happens to be a County Councillor, by saying what a great job is being done, but as these roads are not a priority all they can do is bring it to the County attention, apparently. 

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says,

“I welcome the recognition that I am sharing and acting on the concerns of Rural Fylde residents, and especially those in Treales, who are virtually cut off on a frosty morning, having to run a gauntlet to get about their business.  However, I was astounded when the Councillor, went on to say the roads of Treales are not a priority.  Try telling that to the people who have skidded into a ditch or had a near miss.  I also am astonished at the admittance that the Independent County Councillor is powerless to do anything about it.  It appears she’s as isolated as the residents of Treales on an icy morning.

I think it is important to note that Rural Fylde Conservatives believe all traffic safety is a priority and will work with all people, putting politics to one side to look at action, not political stunts in the letters page.”