Fylde borough councils budget is under the tightest scrutiny ever this year as the medium term financial strategy shows.  On an operating budget of £12m nearly 10% saving have to be found.  That’s a budget gap of £1.2 that has to be plugged, and that’s after a tax increase of 5%, or in cash terms £10 a year.  The Government have again capped tax increases to 5% which is hampering the budget and setting a target of unrealistic cuts.

 Also, concessionary travel is causing huge concern at Fylde.  The expanded scheme is expected to cost £1.2m, but the Government (and it was there manifesto pledge) is only providing funding of £275,000, leaving Fylde Council Tax Payers to pick up the rest.  Another smoke and mirror exercise by this sneaky Government.  Gordon Browns smash and grab on the stock market of £1000 billion during his terms in office has ensure that council tax payers are adding an additional £100,000 to the tax bill.  The Government fuel tax policy is adding nearly £200,000 with the increase in a litre of diesel by 10% or 10p.  The Government has decreased the central Government grant by by about 2% in real terms.  So all in all this Government is hell bent on tax and charging Fylde Borough Council out of providing services.

 Commenting, Simon Renwick said,

“I just cannot believe what this sneaky, cynical Government is doing, the metaphors one can use are astonishing.  We’re between a rock and hard place, with both arms behind our back and a gun against our head.  And all at courtesy of this nasty, ineffective, arrogant and incompetent Government.  This also highlights the short term-ism of the 12 years when this borough was ruled over by the Independents whose only policy and badge of honour was to keep tax the lowest in Lancashire.  They’ve deprived the council of investment and now the Government is depriving the council of oxygen.  Tough and lean times are ahead and this is after the Council has been recognised as one of the leanest in the country with the Audit Commission judging our value for money highly.”