It appears that the Labour Party is bracing itself for some major council seat loses in the coming elections.  This quote from a  press release by Eric Pickles demonstrates what they are up to.  Basically, they want unpopular councillor’s who don’t achieve for their residents to be given a golden good bye!  I once heard a Winston Churchill quote about being offered a Knighthood after losing the 1945 election, it went something like, ‘Why take the Order of the Garter when the people have given me the Order of the Boot.’  I think many of these Labour Councillors should have the same good grace. 

“Cash payouts for losing elections spreading across local government: Last month, a Labour-dominated ‘Councillors Commission’ report recommended to Ministers that councillors across England should also receive golden goodbyes if they “lose office through the action of the electorate”. Cash handouts of up to £20,000 were dished out to councillors by the Labour-run Scottish Executive in last year’s Scottish local elections, and by the Labour-run Welsh Executive in the 2003 Welsh local elections.”