Councillor Oades, who is the  leader of Fylde’s opposition Independent Party, made comments in the press recently.  They were narrow minded, and alarmist to say the least – stating that people from Blackpool or East Lancashire will come flooding in smacks of ignorant ‘not in my back yard’ – the fact of the matter is that like it or not Fylde Borough is part of the Fylde Peninsula and the future development of both Wyre of Blackpool Boroughs will affect Fylde and it’s residents is some shape or form.  Preston has recently received over 700 million pounds of Government funding for the Tithe barn Project, Greater Manchester and Merseyside many millions more – Fylde’s three Councils need to be on top of their game to ensure that significant funding comes our way. The Growth Point Bid is a benefit for the whole of Lancashire, Although it was not put together by Fylde or Wyre the other Lancashire Councils have taken into account our needs, with limited land supply every Council in Lancashire needs to rely on its neighbour – many of the home to work patterns already prove that many of the residents on the Fylde peninsula already live in one Borough and cross the Boundary to work in the other! With 4000 Fylde residents already on the Housing waiting list with many thousands of teenagers without a chance of ever being able to afford a home in their native Fylde I think Cllr Oades comments are a disgrace – in respect of the economy Fylde relies heavily on a small number of large employers – the closure of just one of these would be disastrous for the Fylde’s economy – again Cllr Oades narrow minded view on this shows just why Fylde residents should be glad she is no longer in charge!   Councillors need to make decisions today for the benefit of tomorrow, population projections already show that Fylde’s population will already grow significantly to almost 90,000 residents by 2020, the infrastructure needed to support this will only come on the back of new developments as the Government has already made this their policy. Cllr Oades needs to be aware of the future needs of the population of Fylde – I hope that as the new Leader of the opposition Fylde Independent Party on Fylde Borough Council she will not be adopting the former policy of the denounced Cllr Hayhurst to repel newcomers or change within the Borough at all costs – as let’s face it almost 50% of the Fylde’s population are not sandgrownun’s in the first place and how quickly the areas fortunes could change with such a policy in place. Regards 

Councillor John Coombes

Leader Fylde Borough Council