I’ve heard word from Lancashire County Council today that they are going to make changes to the Station Road roundabout that had been causing so much concern with residents of Wesham.

I’m glad I’ve been able to sort this out for residents as it was a big issue. I’ve copied the text of the e-mail from the County so you can see what’s being proposed.

“Cllr Renwick,

Following a site meeting this morning some additional signs on the approaches to the roundabout have been put on order, some anti-skid treatment (part of the original scheme but somehow omitted) is to be applied shortly. The roundabout on Station Rd is to be built up however, due programming commitments elsewhere for the surfacing crew this cannot be carried out until mid February.

As in all projects, the scheme would be subject to a post opening safety audit but in light of the additions/revisions this will not be undertaken until the works above are complete.

With regard to additional double yellow lines on Station Rd suggested in the email from Ms XXXXX an amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for that section of highway would be required which includes advertisements, an opportunity for public response etc. I am not empowered to merely add to or extend these parking prohibition lines. However, Karen Galloway Traffic & Safety Network Management based at Hampson Green should be able to shed further light on this subject. ”

If you have any further concerns please get in touch with me.