The weighted average opinion polls suggest that the Conservatives are on course to take a 16 seat majority in the house of commons, kicking Gordon Brown out of Number 10 after his disastrous premiership.  A report, which can be found by clicking on, show the likely make up of the House of Commons.  The biggest surprise is seeing the once mighty Liberal Democrats reduced to 20 odd seats, their natural level, especially with some many recent defections to the Conservatives.

Commenting, Councillor Simon Renwick says,

 ‘I am of course delighted that the opinion polls put us so far head of Labour and the third party under their stand in leader Nick Clegg.  Gordon Brown has made mistake after mistake and I truly believe that he’s unfit and unable to govern a country.  I’d urge all people who want to support a Conservative Government to join the Conservative Party, we need people to lend a hand to make sure this 16 seat project majority is transferred into more and also into other elections.’