It’s been announced that the Independents on Fylde Borough Council are forming an ‘Opposition Party’.  This Party will be made up of the Liberal Democrats, Ratepayers and all these so called ‘None Political’ Independents.  This leaves only 4 non-aligned Independents who are are true to the values that they were elected on.

 We Conservatives have know now for a long time that the ‘Independent’ Group was political with a deep desire to do the Conservatives over.  Now we’re sure that’s the case.  A question is, how many of these people who call themselves independent would have been elected if they stood under their true colours?  If they knocked on your door as said we’re Labour and believe in all that the Labour Government does, would they have got the votes they had.  I know in Wesham, the Labour candidate got 89 votes.  Would that have been the same?

 Now they have a party and a leader they are going to have spokesman.  This is like a real opposition and we’ll be able to see what policies they actually have?  Once they have policies we can show the clear blue water between what a  Conservative and what an Independent council looks like and show for sure that they are failures, just like the 12 years they controlled the council.

I think we need to find a name for this new political party, why not call them ‘Fylde New Labour’ and they can develop their anti Conservative principals.  Which is effect are socialists.  So in 18 months time, when they knock on your door for a vote, just ask them what are their actual political beliefs and then use that to start your judgement.