The Government (and you can’t make this up) has announced that it will not be announcing any post office closures until May 2008. You may ask why may, well there are local authority election in May 2008 in many council across the land (not Fylde though). So Why’s this then, does this mean that our local post offices are safe, that they are thinking again, that we were right. You must be kidding. They don’t want to lose council seats where the post offices are being closed.

Can you believe that, Brown the Bottler, does not even have the bottle to put his new post office scheme to the electoral test! If it’s so right to close post offices, let the people pass a verdict!

Although there is a stay of execution, we still have to vigilant for Fylde Post Offices, don’t forget they have closed down 8 in Fylde since 1999. The Conservatives are still fighting and we are still campaigning. All post offices are vital in the Fylde, our network of small villages and rural communities need these to keep the cohesion. Shutting them, will shut down a village.

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