There has always been a special bond between the Forces and those they defend, that’s known as the Covenant.  We have a highly trained, committed and professional armed service, one we can all be proud off.  The men and women of our Army, Navy and Air Force put themselves in harms way on many occasions.  They get shot at and blown up doing a job that many of us would not do.  In short their bravery and dedication is not questioned, they do the job ‘we’ ask of them.

So with that said, it makes it all the more galling that this Labour Government has broken that Covenant.  We are sending troops into battle without the equipment they need. New figures out show that the Forces are under manned by 7,000 personnel.  What kind of a Government allows this to happen?  Then take a look at the housing stock that many families of service men are asked to live in.  Is that supporting the Armed Forces Mr. Brown?  When soldiers return injured, where are they cared for, in NHS hospitals away from family and friends on wards where civilians cannot understand the trauma of battlefields.  Is this good enough Mr. Brown?

Yesterday, several former high ranking officers turned on the Government, adding further to the charge of neglect.  Lord Guthrie said, ‘[The Prime Minister] A most unsympathetic Chancellor’  And he should know, he was head of the Armed Forces.

 And then to add insult, the Defence Secretary has two jobs.  His Armed Forces are in action and he’s looking after Scotland also!

We all know the Prime Minister has no bottle, so thank God our troops have their bottle.  They deserve better and the Government must deliver better.