I was copied in on a letter sent to Michael Jack from a local resident. He’s been kind enough to let me use the letter on this website as I believe it encapsulates the reasons for wanting a referendum very well.

Dear Mr. Jack,

It will come as no surprise to you, to receive a letter from me on the
subject of the “on/off” referendum on the proposed Constitutional
treaty – or whatever they now call it – since I have written to you on
previous occasions, about the evil European Union and all its works.

However this time its different. Whether one is “phile” or “phobe” on
this subject there can be no doubt that the British people were
promised a referendum, prior to the last election, a pledge supported
by all parties in the House, and no amount of wriggling or legal
legerdemain, surrounding the “red lines” can alter that. In any case
the so-called red lines were included in the deal when Blair made his

This is now a matter of confidence and trust in the probity of our
legislators, and I trust that you will be actively supporting the move
to set-up a simple referendum, on whether or not the Government should
sign up to this treaty, and more importantly that Her Majesty should be
required to sign away even more of her(and our) sovereignty. I, of
course would be happy for an “In or Out” vote to consign the whole
rotten edifice to the history books, but will settle for the British
people to be given a voice on this particular question.

British politicians are wonderful on the subject of the polls telling
us what we ought to do, when the polls agree with whatever point they
wish to press forward. In this case, there is overwhelming support for
a referendum in every poll conducted. Just for once, do you think it
possible that our brave Members of the “Mother of Parliaments” would
really listen to the voice of the people, and let the people speak. I
for one will be desperately disappointed if that voice gave approval
for signing this treaty, but I would accept that this is what people
say, and move on.

May we please have your full-hearted support?

Yours sincerely,

John Mair