At the Conference I was surprised to learn that the common perception was that only Aldershot Council had celebrated the return of troops from Iraq. That perception is wrong and I am making it my business to put it right.

Here in Fylde, at my request, put on a welcome home parade. We had 200 men and officers from the 2nd Battalion the Rifles march down Lytham Promenade to Lowther where the Mayor inspected the troops and then we held a civic reception in the pavilion for all.

I am proud of the way our troops conduct themselves and regardless of what you think about the war and it’s reasons, they do a fantastic job in difficult circumstance. I was proud that our council met the challenge where so many other have not and spent time and money of the rightful pursuit of honouring those that put themselves in harms way for all our benefit.

I’ve written to Dr. Liam Fox MP the Conservatives defence secretary to explain about the gratitude that Fylde Borough has for the armed service.