It appears the ‘Iron Chancellor’ has bottled it! Well what a surprise. He tried to liken him self to the Blessed Margaret, but his Iron is not the same as her Iron, her iron was made of English Oak, his iron was fashioned on a chocolate fire guard (talk about mixed metaphors!).

But regardless, he thought he could beat the Conservative 2 weeks ago, it now appears he’s reckoning he can’t. That’s like the English Cricket Team pulling out of a test match against Scotland and blaming the dodge Prawn Porridge!

Gordon, it does not wash, you’re a coward. I bet during the last war you’d have been happier in the Tower of London as a TRAITOR than a soldier fighting for this Country’s and the world’s freedom against the NAZIs. Come on Prime Minister, where exactly is your bottle (other than the drinks cabinet!)?

Sleep well,