Last week I attended the LGA conference on behalf of the Leader of the Council. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet with other senior councillors and officers from around the council. I attended several of the sessions. The most interesting on one David Cameron’s. David spoke fluently on how a future Conservative government would devolve decision making, power, cash and responsibilities to the lowest form of government he could. This hit the spot for the conference who clapped wildly at that prospect.

By giving local government the powers to run affairs locally without central interference, you set local areas free to make their own choices, these choices will result in either good decisions or bad, but then the local population can judge those decisions and decide how to vote.

The most impressive part of David’s performance, was not his speech, which was good, but how he answered questions asked by delegates. The answers proved he was on top of his brief and knew a wide range of problems. I wanted to ask he a question on the encouragement and retention of younger councillors, ie under 40’s as there is a distinct lack of them.