As in my last post, it has been a busy week, not least as my home computer has blown up. I’m updating this on my Council laptop which is on dial up connection and consequently is very slow. So I’ll not be able to do any pictures until my own computer is fixed.

I’ll also not be able to do anything party political on the computer as that is not what the council provide me with a computer for. But I can use it to update the website and let you all know what is going on.

I’ve had reports of rats in and around the back alleys near the co op. I’ll get some traps laid and them sorted out.

I’m still trying to get a meeting with the housing people, although I am now aware that the affordable homes on Derby Road development are being bought and managed by New Fylde Housing on similar arrangements about local people first.

On Wednesday lunch time I am going to a the Lancashire Tourism Awards. In the Fylde the Grand Hotel has been nominated and I’ve my fingers crossed that the Grand win. That’ll be a great confidence boost for them following their recent investment.

On Monday I am again going to East Staffordshire Council to deliver a workshop on effective communication to their newly elected councillors. I’ll be holding this website up as an example of good practice.

This week a Wesham lady has been found guilty of causing a nuisance by allowing a barking dog to continue to bark. I think this is an important point. We all love our pets, but when they get to the stage where they are causing misery to other there is a mechanism to address this and the council, supports people’s right to a quiet life.

If anyone has any question or points to make, please contact me.