Good morning,

Today is election day. The polls are open from 7am until 10pm. I (or someone representing me) should be there all day, so say hello if you come to vote.

Every vote counts and every vote is needed to make sure I win, as I have said previously if you want to see me returned as your hard working and result delivering councillor please consider voting for me and me alone.

I’m sure you know by now what I stand for and what I want to try and achieve in Wesham, and if you read previous posts you’ll see the stuff I try to get done. So I hope you can support me and see me as your councillor for the next 4 years.

Just to compare and contrast; I read the independents leaflet yesterday and I think it speaks volumes when they lay claim to building the by pass nearly 20 years ago as something to propel them to victory, I am sure the Secretary of State (Conservative) took note of 2 Wesham Town Councillors at the time when he signed the order to build it. I also note that the 25 year old community centre was paid for by an additional Borough Tax of 2p agreed by a Lytham St Annes dominated Conservative Council at Fylde, so that’s another claim that just does not stack up.

So their two greatest claims were actually party political and were actually Conservative achievements, so much for us party people not being able to put people before politics, seems it’s served Wesham well!

Their other three claims were happening anyway and as for the bridge repaint, it was a good job, but paid for by money the Conservatives put in to the budget that the Independents voted against, including one of them that is now using it for her own glorification.

So really it’s a case of credit stealing, bandwagon jumping and clutching at straws.