This is the last day before the election. I’ve tried to knock on every door, but this task proved to much so I reckon that we knocked on about 95% of the doors of Wesham and if you were not in then I am sorry to have missed you and you’ll have seen my sorry you were out card.

The response has been great with many people saying good things about the work I do and the newsletters and website I write.

I can win this election and carry on serving you, but I need every vote, as every vote counts in this election.

However, if you really want to see me win this election, then can I ask that you consider using only one of your two votes and vote for me alone, that way I have more chance of winning and providing action for Wesham.

I want to thank all the readers of this website for the comments and question you send in and I hope that you all find this useful and informative. I do hope I can serve you all again for another 4 years and continue bringing in the benefits of having me as your councillor at Fylde to Wesham.

Warm regards,

Simon@wesham.com 681983