I’ve been given an independent’s leaflet from Newton and Clifton ward in which he hails triumphantly his part in getting £18,000 for a play park in Newton. I’ve attached the link to the council web site in which it clearly shows him as having voted against the Conservatives 5 year capital program that included the £18,000 for the play park.


He is the second councillor in the list who proudly asked to have their names as voting against a budget that had £103,000 worth of Youth Investment in it. He was also proud to be associated with scrapping the improvements on Lytham War Memorial and on scrapping the Community Project Fund, which the Conservatives put into the budget and which has previously paid for the Railway Bridge painting and will hopefully pay for a Wesham Town Clock.

You will also see how they all voted together under the Independent Whip or was this just coincidence. It appears that they all play a game of saying one thing and doing another? I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions and leave it saying they plan to form a registered political party after the elections.