Just so there is no mistake about the niceness of Labour I have to report this incident to you:

Just before my family and I went to Kirkham to meet my parents for some lunch in Escape, which was very nice, however before I went in I notice the Labour party had a table and were handing out leaflets. I thought it would be polite to go and say hello, introduce myself and see if one of them was the candidate for Wesham, which one was. I politely asked him what will he do for Wesham if he got elected, after a few minutes of ‘thinking’ time (At one point I think I had to remind him where Wesham was) he came up with the answer of ‘nothing’ in as much as he did not answer the question at all!

At this point his large and threatening chum, a candidate in Newton chipped in and after a diatribe about tax, which I mentioned the £25 billion a year black hole that Labour had put in pension funds which have devastated the retirement plans of hundreds of thousands of people he told me aggressively to (four letter word) off and then threatened to punch me and lay me out.

I replied that you can’t bully me, I want to know what what your party is going to do for the people of Wesham, he carried on in the same vein, swearing loudly, making threatening gestures and acting with the decorum of a drunken bar room brawler from the wild west.

Not taking this lightly I told him to put up or shut up, either hit or listen. He did neither. Just packed up his box of leaflets and carried his table away, dragging behind the semi inflated balloons, that I think symbolise Labour shattered dreams.

Is this really the behaviour people expect from candidates when just asked about what they want to do if they get elected or ask to defend their Party’s record. I am proud of what my party has done for Fylde and I am readily happy to explain what I’ve done and what I will continue to do for Wesham to any one who cares to ask.

I really do hope the people of Newton don’t vote for this man, as he clearly is a man who does not like challenge and aggressively attempts to stamp his own opinion on anyone that threatens his position. Just the kind of modern, community leading, multi skilled, balanced and caring chap we need as a councillor.

The chap for Wesham, I wish him luck, I just wished he knew where Wesham was before he stood for election, coming from St. Annes it will be more than a 5 minute bike ride for him to attend to local issues raised by local people.

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