Following my meetings yesterday with the Community Safety Manager and the Street Scene manager I can report the following.

Prices are being obtained for the a street light to be put in at the Princess Ave and Catherine St and the Meadow Crescent and Princess Ave garage sites and for on up by the bridge on Knightsbridge Close. Depending on the price bids will be submitted and hopefully they will be successful.

The meeting with the Street Scene Manager saw him appreciate the issues of Wesham. He agreed that problem areas will be tackled and that the main streets will be number one priority to keep clean. He agreed that litter bins will be emptied and that the little sweeping machine will spend some time in Wesham over the next few weeks cleaning the gulley of the grit, debris and fag butts that have accumulated over the years.

I am convinced that we will see an improvement over the coming weeks and that I will keep on top of this ensuring that the streets are kept as clean as possible. But we all do have a part to play in this and I am sure we all do put our litter in the bin, but we do need to make sure we don’t add to the problem.

If you need any further details, please get in touch.


Simon@wesham.com 681983