I heard yesterday from a source that an opponent or some opponents have complained to the Town Hall about me. They seem to think that telling people through this website about the things I am doing is bad and illegal? They have written to the Town Hall to say I should not have mentioned that I am meeting with Council Officers to look at the streets and the look at security lighting. It’s a good job the Borough Solicitor does not agree with them, and politely told them where to go. It’s also amazing that they seem to think they can get away with using council resource for election purposes. Is the term hypocrite?

Dealing with your issues is what Councillors should do and it appears from speaking to residents on the doorstep you all appreciate the Wesham Watchdog, so telling you what I’m doing is a politicians job. So really dealing and telling is being effective.

I think they may just be embarrassed about not actually doing what I’ve been doing. 8 years ago when I first got on the council, I dubbed the sitting Independent Councillors and the Invisible Councillors, appears that hat still fits.

So after I’ve met the Community Safety Manager and the Operational Service Manager for Street Scene, I will let you all know what has happened and what has been agreed.


Simon@wesham.com 681983