I met with the residents of the even side of Garstang Road North yesterday to look at them joining forces to tackle to problem of their back alley and the pot holes. The problem is well known to Wesham, the Fylde and in fact the country. Unadopted back alleys that are owned by the householder.
What I suggested, as a pilot, so maybe to be looked at elsewhere is, they club together to pay for the repairs with the council acting as project manager. I’ve asked the Chief Executive of Fylde Borough to look into this for me and he’s going to get some actually prices together for filling the holes in with stones, or with tarmac of having tarmac laid over the whole alley. The cost to be divided equally between the residents, with maybe a chip in from the Community Project Fund?
If this is successful here there are other area in Wesham that could benefit from this collaboration. I’ll keep you all posted on developments.
I would also like to thank all the many residents that took time to come and listen. I’ll have hopefully got the back alley cleaned up by now as well.