Some people have questioned the need for politics in local government and some people have made the assumption that politics cannot allow a councillor to serve his community. Well they are wrong.

Not once in 8 years have I been forced to vote along a party line or have neglected Wesham in favour of political dogma. I can’t understand where this easy untruth comes from. Do the opposition really think that David Cameron rings up Fylde Conservatives every week and say, ‘Listen chaps, put up tax this week, and stop recycling’ and we all do it?

Being part of a group gives me and therefore you strength. Being part of a party gives me depth and experience of belonging to an organisation with 12,000 councillors across the country. Being a Conservative Councillor allows me to know that when I really need to win a vote, or make a point, I have at present 25 other councillors behind me. That means Wesham wins as a result of carrying the vote for what is right and for me being in a party. This is democracy, the majority gets its way!

This strength and this group belonging is great for all concerned and it still allows me to pursue what is right for Wesham and what is right for the Fylde, I just know that I have 25 other bayonets behind me when I go over the top on a issue for Wesham.

I still speak and act like a free councillor I am never bound or gagged. I’ve never been whipped and I’ve never had to vote against my wishes on any subject. The arguments are won and lost after a full and frank debate in the group meetings we hold, where everyone has a say and everyone has a vote. I call this good political management showing strong leadership and direction.

51 Councillors sitting in a room will never agree on anything if they all have a say and no one show directiona and not one of them knows where the council is to go. The party system works in every council in every land in the world, even if it’s not declared that they operate as a party.

So sorry, Independents, your arguments do not stand up to scrutiny.


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