Do some people stand for election just to add something else onto the list of what they do and seem just too busy to do anyway. If you wear to many hats you just really become a hat stand and not a councillor!

I’m not one of those. I am only a councillor and I only do the things and spend my time on the issues and items that will benefit Wesham and the Fylde the most. I only have two things on my list: – Wesham’s Councillor on Fylde Borough Council and a Councillor on Wesham Town Council. This way I serve you and the Fylde by concentrating on the stuff that needs doing.

I am also not a councillor to supplement my pension, or fill in free time. I do it as I want to serve, make a difference and help the people in Wesham and the Fylde. It’s as simple as that.

And finally, I try to make a difference in my leaflets about what people achieve collectively, ie as a Town Council, and what I achieve individually, like getting the pot holes sorted, the street signs replaced, the mobile stake park investigated, working with the Youth Council to deliver provision and sorting out the litter and dog dirt that blights the streets.