I’ve been canvassing now for three weeks and have received much feed back, it appears that the issues I’ve been fighting and campaigning on seems to be very much in tune with residents. The state of the streets, dog fouling, pot holes, young peoples facilities, parking, trade and business, keeping the baths open in Kirkham, safety lighting and the like.

A person may say that the stuff I get done is what anyone can do, but no ones does, so let me start and then we can get better and build up stronger and see continued improvement in Wesham. However, as I believe in action and not words, I’ll get the stuff done anyway.

I am also very happy with the number of people that say that Wesham is a great place to live, it’s quiet and peaceful and when you buy a house here you stay, it’s that good.

However, if I am missing any of the issues you care about, please e-mail me, it’s not so much as I’ve missed it or have no opinion or solution on it, but more the case that it’s not cropped up in discussions with the many residents I’ve spoken to over the last few weeks, months and years.

I am always open to e-mails and phone calls from genuine residents and concerns, comments or questions.


simon@wesham.com 681983