I received a letter this morning from the Standards Board Of England, saying that a certain Councillor in Kirkham was upset with me and complained about a number of things I’ve said. These include, pointing out to people that she voted to close Warton Library, that I dared to help write and delivery a leaflet is Kirkham saying how she’s neglected her councillor duties and that I’ve also made comments that when she was in charge of the Environmental Committee the housing section was run so bad that the Government intervened a ran the service for a while.

All these statements are a matter of public record, so why is she being so childish and telling tales to teacher? Why is a Kirkham Councillor so scared that she’ll stoop to any level to see me go? And does this not go to show that the Independents may not be that Independent after all, may they all take their lead from a certain lady councillor from Kirkham?

The good news is the complaint has been thrown out by the board as groundless and basically have told the Councillor to grown up and if you’re in the, expect to sometime get burnt and to sometime be told that the food you’re serving is not what’s wanted. (there’s a metaphor in there somewhere!)

As usually any comments or if you’d like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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