Why can’t Independents just say what they are and stand under true colours? Are they Labour, Liberal Democrats, Communist, Green, BNP, Conservative, UKIP or Natural Law Party? I don’t know and they could be any of those party. Independent lack a crucial trait. That trait is courage. If they believe they are right, why not have the courage of their convictions and stand for a party that matches their political feelings instead of hiding behind a cloak.

When they say they are free to act as they wish for the benefit of their towns and villagers, ask them like when. Were two Newton Councillors free to vote in favour of the budget that saw £18,000 given to them for a new park. The answer is NO, they followed the direction of a certain lady councillor from Kirkham who whipped all opposition parties at Fylde, those being most Independents, both Liberal Democrats and the rump of the once mighty Fylde Ratepayers into opposing the soundest budget in years.

They wanted to deprive the local young people of the Fylde out of £103,000 investment, they wanted to scrap the community project fund that paid for Wesham Station Bridge to be painted and will hopefully support the Wesham Town Clock and they voted against the War Dead of Lytham. Actions speak louder than words and they were so proud of what they did they asked for their votes to be recorded in history as voting under the direction of a group whip dictated from on high by the Queen of Kirkham!

Conservatives – serving coast and countryside in Fylde. Independents self serving against Fylde.