Due to some bizarre technicality and some water muddying, The Town Council, last night agree to delay handing back the street cleaning to Fylde. I argued and debated for about an hour on this, but the water was well and truly muddied by someone wanting to make this an election issue (as if keeping Wesham’s streets dirty is a vote winner).

However, yesterday, like the Cavalary coming to save the besieged settlers from the Indians, Fylde Borough rode into the fray and swept for the first time in, how long, Park Lane and Carr Drive with associated culde-sacs. This is a quote from an e-mail received from a resident of Kent’s Close “I remember a line from an old film that went “hallelujah – great day in the morning” – and I felt a bit like that this morning because around eleven am there was the Fylde street cleaning machine going round the little circle here, not once…but twice!!!”

The message is clear, Fylde Borough will keep the streets clean, it’s the law and I will use every ounce of energy I have to achieve that out come for Wesham.

For further details and the battle that lies ahead, please get in touch.


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