Being known for not mincing my words has a benefit, it means when a hostile country commits and act of aggression on Britain, you can say what you think. The kidnapping of 15 Sailors and Royal Marines by Iran is not just disgraceful, it is provocative and most likely an act of war! I’m no war monger and I’ve no desire to see British Forces committed to another war, but we must do something more to get our troops back from Iran.

I think this situation shows that Blair is a lame duck, with the world waiting for him to go, that Margaret Becket as Foreign Secretary is a caravaning disgrace (I’ve nothing against caravan, it’s just you don’t expect the third most important person on the Government to use one!) and Britain’s international standing plummeting. 25 years ago another Country thought it could mess with this, however we had a different leader back then.

Now we have a Government that is all mouth and no trousers allowing British men and women to get into harms way with no way of protecting them. Maybe 15 years ago we could have sent a few cruise missles or an air strike and the service men would have been released. What does Blair do? Wait for strong word from George Bush and hopes that the European Union can do something.