You should have by now have received your council tax bills. You’ll notice that Fylde Borough put its tax up by 4.9% which is effectively 15 pence a week, at the same time we found efficiency savings of £841,000 without cutting front line services and found around £200,000 of investments in community priorities including £103,000 on facilities for young people.

However, you may have also noted that spending of waste collection has shot up from £2.3m to about £6.5m. Don’t be alarmed. The reason for this is Fylde now empty the bins and do the recycling of the whole of Fylde and the whole of Wyre Borough, so that’s Fleetwood, Poulton, Garstang and as far north as the Trough of Bowland, in total about 55,000 more properties. This brings income into the council and allows us to spread costs more efficiently. The jump in the cost is nothing other than the fact we empty many more bins.

I’d also like to point out that Fylde Council’s recycling is nationally recognized and we win awards and the service is one of the best in the country. Are last performance indicator showed we only missed 26 bins per 100,000 collected. That’s great service.



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