I mentioned in a previous post that the Independent and Ratepayer Councillors (who controlled the council badly for 12 years earning Fylde it’s POOR rating) are joining forces to form a new party. The New Party launched to great fanfare and acclaim by some in the anti progress section of St. Annes, has actually fallen at their first fence!

They were so busy getting excited about the prospect of victory, they actually forgot to register themselves as a political party with the Electoral Commission, a legal requirement! You have to ask the question, ‘if they can’t get a Political Party up and running, what chance have they of running a council?’ On top of that question, ask what their policy was. The answer is to scrap every bit of progress the Conservatives have made. A great reason to be in local government, to pull down, not build up!

No doubt as the elections draw nearer, we’ll see more of their games, incompetency and deliberate water muddying with half truths and scare stories. But, I’ll always use this site to say how it is and to keep readers informed of reality, not fantasy.

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