The national tax bill has risen by £219 billion since 1997, equivalent to £9,000 per family.

More than one million workers – including teachers, police officers, and senior nurses – have been sucked into the 40 per cent higher tax bracket.

Income tax and national insurance are at the highest level for 20 years.

The number of people having to pay inheritance tax has doubled.

Council tax has almost doubled, thanks to Labour fiddling local funding,

The average home buyer is paying £1,000 more in stamp duty than in 1997.

By 2009, Gordon Brown’s new stealth taxes will have scooped up £20 billion in extra revenue.

By deliberately holding down the tax thresholds at way below the running rate of inflation, Gordon Brown has sneakily raised more than £10 billion from you.

The tax burden is now at its highest level in British history – almost a quarter of the average wage goes in income tax and national insurance. This year, you have to work for the taxman until June 3 before you start earning for yourself.

Under Labour, British households have suffered the biggest rise in taxation anywhere in the western world, warns the Organisation for European Co-operation and Development.