It seems my earlier comments about the Independent Party’s attempt to stop the refurbishment of Lytham Cenotaph has ruffled a few feathers. I can’t really see why they should be so offended that I happened to point out my personal view that the honour of the war dead in Lytham is as important as that in any other part of the borough.

Some councillors don’t think their decisions and actions have consequences that they then have to live up to. If you speed and get caught, you get fined. If you support an amendment that calls for the scrapping of a planned refurbishment of a war memorial to repair foot paths in some parks as you’re scared of compensation culture, it’s a question of priority and principle.

My priority and my principle will always be to support war veterans and to honour properly those who have fallen for their country. If you vote and speak against these, then motives have to be questioned and if you then realise that the questioned motives probably aren’t that appealing to the public, don’t shoot the messenger and take a closer look at yourself.

Fylde Conservatives set one of the best budgets I’ve been involved in. We’ve delivered stability, prudence and growth in priority areas. I’ll make sure Wesham gets the benefit of that stability, prudence and growth as much as anywhere else. We’re already starting in Wesham, we’ll be having our streets cleaned better, our bin men are making less mess, we’ll get the dog muck sorted, we’ll provide more youth facilities, we’ve had a small amount of play equipment installed, we’ll get some trees planted and we’ll work as a community to make Wesham safer, cleaner, better. That’s my promise and I am rather good at keeping my promises.

I really would welcome your comments and feed back on this issue. Have I got it wrong, or do you think like I do, remembering is important as forgetting is dangerous.

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