News hot of the press.

The £15,000 that the Conservatives on Fylde Borough Council, suggested by myself, is to help fund a mobile skate board park. I’m not too sure how these work, but simply it’s a skateboard park that can move around on rota basis. I’m working with officers at Fylde to work up this scheme and will of course keep residents posted.

Skate Boarding seems to be one of those 5 minute wonders that has lasted. It’s healthy and physical, so should be encouraged in the right environment. I’m all for them in fact and if it’s mobile I’m sure that Wesham will be getting it’s fair share of use.

I think this could be an exciting venture and prelude to more youth investment in the Fylde and Wesham.

Let me know your thoughts on this or any other issue.

Bye for now,

Simon. 681983