I think I need to make an entry on this web site about another website, not really for Wesham residents, but for others that come onto the web site to have peep about.

I’ve linked to www.battleforthetruth.blogspot before, and I will no doubt do it again as I find in clever and funny and a way of showing the games that some play at Fylde. I don’t for one minute think that it’s a substitute for real information and for real debate, but if it informs one person it’s doing a job.

The reason I am mentioning it tonight is; I’m fed up for being given the credit for writing it. I don’t know who it is, but I do wish them well. I can’t prove it’s not me no more than anyone can prove that it is, but I will say a few things in my defence.

1 I’ve never shied away from taking the credit for my work in my life. If it had been me, I’d have put my name to it. There is after all nothing liable on it and is just good humoured satire, the sort we British are good at.

2 The posts are done mainly when I’m at work. I’m not sure what other people’s bosses are like, but mine would take a real dim view of that sort of thing while I’m being paid to do something else.

3 There are several hints on there to the identity of the author, I can’t work it out, but it does not point to me.

Now you might think it’s silly bringing this to your attention! However, I know the games other party’s in Fylde play and before long you’ll be told that I’m neglecting you as a councillor as I am spending all my time writing web sites while I should be at meetings or making phone calls etc.

Well, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll never neglect my duties as a Fylde or Wesham Councillor, which is why I’m up at 11 pm writing entries to keep the people of Wesham informed of the issues that may affect them and the information you may want to know.

Wesham is pretty much top of my priority list, just below my children. I’ll always fight for what I believe is best for Wesham and the Fylde and I’ll never be scared of speaking my mind and ruffling a few feathers (see previous posts!). I’ll never knowingly mislead you, and I’ll never over promise. I’ll always be honest and I’ll always try and work things out, sometime it might take some time and sometimes it might not work out, but I can’t really say much more than that.

As the elections approach, the heat will be turned up, people will try all sorts of tricks to unseat me and my Conservative colleagues as they desire the power and the money themselves. Some councillors rely on being a councillor to pay their mortgage so there is a lot to play for.

If I can say just one more thing. I’ve always been here for every resident in Wesham, I’ve never turned anyone away. I hope to be able to continue with in the future, but now comes the time when I have to ask for your support.



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