The bins on Station Road, Garstang Road South and Weeton Road were emptied yesterday following my request to the borough council to do so, the Streets are also looking a little cleaner following the take over by Fylde of the cleaning. It is early days yet, but I feel sure we’ll see a much better standard of service with more resources available. The cleaning by Fylde will include men with brushes and shovels and mechanical cleaning which will deep clean the gutters.

I’m meeting with the manager in charge soon to check on the cleaning schedule and I will then be able to report back as to how much more attention each street will get under the new arrangements.

However, be aware, there are some malcontents on the Town Council who actually do think the old system is better????? Bonkers or what, to do what the Borough can do we’d need at least £25,000 plus on costs and leasing fees for the machine, they are under the impression that we can do it based on the £9,000 grant we get from the borough to do this with a 3% increase and a little extra for a few meters of unscheduled road. Even if we get 20% more money That’s only £11,800 in total, which is at least a third short and we’ll be no better off! Where will the extra come from? And don’t forget Wesham’s about to get another doxen plus streets, which would test the Town Council resources further. There is no logic in this move to go back. So what would happen?

I can guess that we’ll have two options, put up with substandard service again with streets clogged up with litter and the streets not on the main road never being cleaned, or residents paying twice, once to the Borough and once to the Town to make up the difference.

To tax locally for this service will cost each house about£15 to £20 a year, when you’re already paying for that service, double taxation or what? I’m gald the Town Council showed common sense and this move to the Borough doing our cleaning has been high on my agenda since becoming a Town Councillor 18 months ago.

Ley me know what you think?

Do you want streets as clean as Lytham, St. Annes and Wrea Green or do you want us to go back to the old days of scruff and muck!



Simon@wesham.com or phone 681983