Another snippet from the budget. The Fylde Independents supported by twidle dee and twidle dum of the Liberal Democrats vote to cut £100,000 of community money from the budget to spend on their own pet projects. The Community Project fund contribution of £25,000 from the council grows into £100,000 with matched funding. This helps many different groups throughout the Fylde, including Wesham where it painted the bridge with work from the Community Pride Trust and also in Kirkham where it paid for the cover of the loom at Town End.

This money goes all over the borough and it was a Conservative manefesto Pledge, one of the 10 made in 2003 that were or are being delivered. Cutting it is petty and show that the Independent Group only care for themselves. We are one borough and what’s good in one part has a benefit in all parts.

In short the whole of the borough is greater than the sum of it’s indvidual parts!

I’m hoping that Wesham benefits in the coming bidding rounds of the fund with talk of a Town Clock and more floral displays.