Last night the Conservatives set the best budget I’ve ever seen at Fylde Borough Council, and we’ve managed to find £93,000 to invest in Youth Facilities. The Opposition Independents tried to throw in many election spanners by cutting nonexistentt budgets, already effective and efficiently managed services and by sacking staff to fund their own pet projects andandd areas.

Some of what they said may have been appealing, but in actual fact showed why they ran the council so badly for 12 years! The thought of having to make staff redundant when we are already one of the lowest spending councils in England is rank stupidity. Do these people not know that whenyou make people redundant, you have to pay redundancy money. So what kind of logic says will free more money up to spend on paying redundancy costs and then not actually have the staff to clean your street, empty your bin or inspect your planning application.

It does not take a genius to work out that will be ina worse situation, and then the question has to be asked, what happens to staff moral when those left behind fear the same fate next year and start looking elsewhere!

The reputation of Fylde across the country was rock bottom four years ago when the Conservatives took over. Now we have an increasingly sparkling reputation and people actual want to work for us, so we are getting better applicants for jobs who can delivery better services for you. We win awards and areinnovativee with the services we offer and how we deliver them.

The bottom line is that Fylde Tax payers will be paying 15p a week extra for theincreasinglyy better service that we deliver for you.

If you have any questions about the budget, just get in touch.